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trpix - Ikarus stocklist :

  Ikarus 256/51
   Ikarus 256.51 Lux
  Ikarus 263/01
   Ikarus 263.01
  Ikarus 260/43
   Ikarus 260.43
  Ikarus 280/03
   Ikarus 280.03
  Ikarus 260/02
   Ikarus 260.02
  Ikarus 280/02
   Ikarus 280.02

trpix - Steyr Bus :

    Steyr Bus

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Company Profile

We have 10 years of experience with the Hungarian Ikarus buses, which we are reimporting from the eastern part of Germany (the former German Democratic Republic). We transport them to our service facility at Veszprem / Hungary, where they are serviced and set up on the needs and requests of our customers.

These 10 years of trading made us experts dealing with the customs and every possible administrative problem - an advantage that you can trust in.

Our service crew is able to do every repair, rebuilt or service.

We deliver those Ikarus buses (and other trucks) to a lot of countries like :

  • Poland,Romania,Bulgaria,Moldavia,Hungary
  • Russia,Belarus,Kazakhstan,Kirgistan,Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan,Aserbeidschan,Tadzhikistan,Siberia
  • other countries possible on request ..






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