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trpix - Ikarus stocklist :

  Ikarus 256/51
   Ikarus 256.51 Lux
  Ikarus 263/01
   Ikarus 263.01
  Ikarus 260/43
   Ikarus 260.43
  Ikarus 280/03
   Ikarus 280.03
  Ikarus 260/02
   Ikarus 260.02
  Ikarus 280/02
   Ikarus 280.02

trpix - Steyr Bus :

    Steyr Bus

Trucks / Trailers


your partner for rock-solid buses


We are experts in delivering Ikarus buses from Germany
to nearly every country of the world.
We always have 30-50 Ikarus buses on stock

We do not only sell these trucks, our service includes :

  • We prepare these trucks in any way you want :
    • Custom painting
    • Any stage of service, repair, rebuilt or customization you want
  • New or used spare parts :
    • tires, rims, seats, custom interior
    • heating, air-condition
    • windscreens, engines, alternators .....
    • definitive all parts you can think of
  • We help you with the customs
  • Workarounds for every administrative problem
  • Service-team and school for mechanics at Hungary
  • Our specialists help you at your hometown if you want to:
    • set up your own service crew
    • set up your own stock of spare parts
  • AND : we don't leave you alone after you have paid - Guaranteed

Why Ikarus ?

  • Due to the basically simple construction the Ikarus is perfect on bad roads and operating under extreme conditions
  • Simple, reliable manual gearbox
  • Engine is operating well even under high stress conditions, easy to service and repair
  • Air supported suspension
  • NO ELECTRONICS - so your driver can do basic repairs on the way if necessary
  • Again : EVERY mechanics or driver is able to repair them
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